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   April 2007

01: reactionary, authoritarian universe - Damn it's hard to be the Beatles of Country Music.
02: 320 billion with a b - The pork-and-inertia plagued world of military appropriations.
03: seder mouth-breathing - I really don't like the fragrance of boiled eggs.
04: trolling left and right - Fun posting as an outsider on various blogs.
05: string vibrating undistorted - Listening to British alt-pop and retro grunge.
06: really good band for a bar - Talking hard rock with an autistic kid
07: terrible code snarl - An unkempt mess of code doing something useful.
08: theories explaining parents - Also, pizza at Chefs on Fire.
09: needing a punishing robot - It's cyclist season and of course Eleanor the dog is up to her old tricks again.
10: Indian Winter - My chainsaw fails to start. Also, listening to a familiar skinny mid-tempo beast.
11: message board virus and cuttlefish - Also, starting a chainsaw and the death of Kurt Vonnegut.
12: inevitable comeuppance - Watching a bad movie on a cold rainy day.
13: monitor price wave - But still small VGA monitors remain expensive.
14: anonymous Anywhereville - Free firewood on the motor mile.
15: world gradually becoming read-only - Seeing the sad trajectory of ALS in the course of an hour.
16: metallic avatars of their sperm - When crazies go nuts with guns, I like to go trolling.
17: never touch the greasy bread - Also, Maurice Ravel, Marie Antoinette, and a plague of mcmansions.
18: life's time-lapse sequences - Suddenly someone whose name you don't know is quite pregnant.
19: atrophied larynx muscles - I'm verbally exhausted giving a tour of my solar hydronic system.
20: six fancy reciprocating notches - Building a shelf while listening to Sarah Vowell.
21: gender of acceptability - Gretchen can take the dogs with her indoors practically any place she goes.
22: doomed utopian religious community - Watching a documentary about Jim Jones.
23: Nader Haterism - Gretchen sees Nader in Rosendale and I write about Slayer's later work.
24: trolls of respectable vintage - Developing a system for trolling at
25: dose of cruelty - Eleanor and her shock collar on a rainy day.
26: swirling cloud of coldhearted algorithms - Mysterious hair metal on my Pandora station.
27: wrestling calamari - A sleazy motel in Princeton.
28: the many things children like to hit with sticks - At Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey.
29: power from plug-in hybrids and comatose humans - I hear an especially poorly-conceived idea for avoiding the building of additional power plants.
30: Lower Manhattan of the laboratory - I start working on a new computer desk.