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   Lower Manhattan of the laboratory
Monday, April 30 2007
As part of my ongoing laboratory upgrade project, I've begun to build myself a new desk, one that can make better use of the volume of space it occupies, especially after I get rid of the last of the CRT-based monitors I'm still using. I've been using the same desk, a compact unit Gretchen got me, since soon after I moved into her Brooklyn apartment in the Summer of 2001. I've gotten a lot of use out of it. Though its surface is only 23.5 inches wide, I've been able to use it to support dual 19 inch CRT monitors.
The new desk will have several low shelves that slide out for things like the keyboard, the scanner, and my Arduino prototyping/programming environment. Additionally, the two monitors will sit on top of platforms that can be slid slideways, granting temporary access to a set of shelves behind them. This might seem like a lot of bother for a smallish set of shelves, but I know from experience that square inches of accessible real estate near my computer are worth what square feet are worth in more distant parts of the laboratory. The computer desk is the Lower Manhattan of the laboratory, and any additional places where I can put things on or in it adds enormously to my capabilities.

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