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   pedestal completed
Monday, August 4 2008
Yesterday I'd put the last of the grout between the stones of my months-long and long-procrastinated woodstove pedestal project. That grout, as always for projects like this, was nothing but dark-tinted Portland cement. Today all that was left to do was squirt the grout occasionally with water to ensure it would cure thoroughly.

Me talking about it and not always pointing the camera accurately.

The way the woodstove area used to look (circa November, 2002), with its ugly white bathroom tile.

An overview of how it looks now.

The drawer on the west side of the pedestal.

That same drawer, open.

The match compartment in the front of the pedestal.

The east pull drawer, with the heads of some of the stone-supporting screws visible.

The south side of the pedestal, with the 120 volt outlet. Also notice the lichens on the east drawer. Theoretically I could keep it alive if I water it.

The state of laboratory clutter these days.

Me, in the laboratory.

Marie (mostly known as "the Baby") on the ottoman in the laboratory.

Sally, a few days ago.

More Sally! She's 13 years old but still runs around like a little puppy!

Sally and (behind her) Eleanor.

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