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Tuesday, August 26 2008
The Democratic Party convention, 2008: I haven't been watching it on television, but I've been paying attention online. Tonight was the night of Hillary's big speech, and all the folks at DailyKos (none of whom ever liked her sanctimonious pantsuited style) were going nuts over it. Supposedly there is a large mass of women behind Hillary Clinton who cannot get over the fact that someone else outperformed her in the primaries, and these people are so disillusioned that they're going to vote for McCain, someone who looks to Scalia and Thomas as examples for nominations to the Supreme Court. Obviously McCain is embedded in a party that has lost all connection to reason and is coasting along on not much more than the inertia of Reagan and McMansion-based terrorist freakouts.
Still, it's natural to fear that an exotic candidate like Obama popped up perhaps a little too early in America's history, and it's unfortunate that his rise demands the stepping aside of the first viable female candidate. But can't the extremist Hillary partisans not see the pure reactionary evil of the alternative? On the other hand, could they be on to something? What if McCain got a chance to appoint two more Scalias to the Supreme Court? Perhaps that's the rock bottom America has to hit before it can move into a future where amazons rule and soccer moms drool. I can't pretend to know enough to argue with such logic, but still I'd rather America's rock bottom was a little higher than that. In the grand schema of empires, George W. Bush has already established a nadir equivalent to that set by some of the least-respected of Roman Emperors.

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