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   August 2008

01: evolution of the map communication idiom - How my mapping has changed with changing technology.
02: dinner in Willow - We visit the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary for the first time in years.
03: toddler allergy - How can we never have little kids in our house again?
04: pedestal completed - I finally finish my woodstove pedestal project, which I'd begun months ago.
05: taking garage doors for granted - Thoughts about the seasonal west walls of the garage.
06: small hammer - Pride that this arcwelded item will be in my archælogical site.
07: moving a trampoline - First step in greenhouse site preparation.
08: morsels of bolete - I gather mushrooms, fry them up, and sprinkle them on Friday night pizza.
09: anti-SUV peer pressure? - Talking about bad open mike poetry and SUV backlash in the car on the ride home from Woodstock.
10: simple shell environment - My Arduino becomes more interactive and lifelike.
11: vexing Arduino bug - Failing to stand back and see the whole picture, a misinterpret strange behavior as a stack overflow.
12: digging and beer - Digging a hole in the ground requires enormous quantities of calories.
13: fucking Silverlight - Installing an evil plugin so Gretchen can watch Olympic basketball.
14: basic feline code - Stripey follows me around all day.
15: out of pins - Not enough pins in the Arduino environment.
16: 55 gallon drums by sedan - I have more luck tying things to the roof of a car.
17: Derby 2008 - At the Artists' Soapbox Derby in the Rondout of Kingston, NY.
18: dissident flypaper - You have to be moral to lecture other folks on morality.
19: dead crab on the beach - My crown pops off again. Also, the Editors, and an advantage of digging a huge hole by hand.
20: asymptotically approaching perfect - The value of practice.
21: small efficiencies - A new mattock and the McCain housing crisis.
22: lemony zest - Eating more boletes and watching scientific reality teevee.
23: yard sale LCD monitor - Technology ages to the point where LCD displays enter the yard sale economy.
24: masturbatorium - Checking out a house on Sawkill Road for potential weekender friends and then swimming at the quarry on the Esopus.
25: amoeba to Einstein - Integrating another set of code, I depend on a series of searches that bear a relationship to natural selection.
26: amazons rule - More Scalias for a better tomorrow.
27: offensive in its absence - Overhearing a stupid political conversation in a dentist's chair.
28: lean into a vowel - It's not even what Obama says that makes him a great orator.
29: 13-5 project - McCain picks his VP running mate and I count my calluses.
30: qualitative-by-way-of-semi-quantitative - Why I still have a use for analog multimeters.
31: plenty of bobby socks - A brief review of Across the Universe, a Beatles-themed musical.