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Thursday, August 28 2008
Whoah, Obama's speech! Has there been a politician with such oratorical skills during all of mechanically-recorded history? I'm not even talking about what he said, I'm talking about the tone of his voice and the little nuances of his pronunciation. He'd linger on "s" sounds, drawing them out at times, seeming to channel deep pools of consideration. Then he'd lean into a vowel or an "r," stretching it like a virtuoso on violin and knowing just when to stop. He definitely seemed to limber up as the speech went on, and by the end the cadence of his voice had found its way into an entirely different emotional register, one usually only entered by the the most fired-up and sincere of preachers. I hadn't expected to be so impressed by a political speech, but it was powerful stuff. People will be replaying and studying it for years to come, or at least until the power runs out in what will be a desperately bore-hole-riddled land.

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