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Friday, August 22 2008
Gretchen normally walks the dogs in the morning, but with her gone it was my job. I hadn't taken the dogs on a morning walk in weeks; I don't think I'd been down the trail since the last of my bluestone harvests back in July. The main difference is that there has been a fair amount of rain since then, and mushrooms are everywhere. I gathered some boletes from the Mountain Goat trail and used them as a minor component in a salsa that also included homegrown tomatoes and some cold rice in the refrigerator. These boletes were rather different from the Slippery Jacks I'd harvested near the house. These had an unexpected (though delightful) lemony zest to them.
I managed to get by nearly entirely on chips, salsa, and beer today. When Gretchen's not around, I tend to watch a lot of teevee. When I wasn't digging in my hole or driving myself crazy with some convoluted web development, I could be found watching episodes of a BBC program called Rough Science on the Roku. Rough Science is the ultimate in nerd-friendly reality shows. A group of scientists are put in the middle of nowhere with limited equipment and given assignments to build or find various things. So they end up doing things like smelting metals, separating mercury from cinnabar, and making oil from coal. It's a great show for anyone who enjoys seeing modern technological feats pulled off in the most basic and revealing of circumstances. There also seems to be a certain amount of smouldering sexual tension between the male and female scientists, but because this tension is never overtly released, it just seems to build and build. It bears noting that none of the scientists are especially attractive, though you nevertheless find yourself performing mental triage about which ones you'd sleep with were you to find yourself in their isolated circumstances.

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