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Thursday, August 14 2008
Stripey the cat (whose official name is "Julius") is my biggest fan and sticks with me most of the day, starting when I'm still in bed. At some point before I've even woken up he climbs on top of me to tread and purr. Then, when I'm down in the kitchen giving him, Clarence, and Wilma their morning wetfood, he's the only one of them who can happily munch on dry food until the glob of wetfood materializes in front of him. (The others are far too excited by the impending feast.) Sometimes I jokingly scold him in the Marge voice, "don't load up on dry food!" It's a Simpsons reference, from that scene where Homer is about to participate in a steak-eating competition and starts wolfing down bread before it begins. "Don't fill up on bread!" Marge admonishes.
Recently Stripey has been coming down with me whenever I go to dig more of the greenhouse foundation. He'll roll around in the bare soil looking cute and eventually park himself on the large bench-shaped stone I managed to wrestle out of the pit.

During the day Stripey often sleeps back in the low-ceiling part of the laboratory behind my computer desk. The prime cat location — the ottoman beside my chair — is usually occupied by the Baby (whose official name is Marie), and though Stripey can be sort of a dick to other cats, he still follows a basic feline moral code that prevents him from disturbing other cats if they happen to be asleep.
Here's some video I shot a few days ago of Stripey coming in off the laboratory deck and walking around in the laboratory. The clip ends with a view out into the teevee room while Gretchen was watching a women's basketball game.

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