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Wednesday, August 3 2011

I made BLTs for Robert and myself again this morning. As we ate them, we talked about the learning curves of various programming environments. It was not a subject he knew much about, though he was familiar with terms like "open source" and "jail break" — as it applies to iPhones, not the big house (his major expertise). He seemed to have a mild interest in what it might take to actually write iPhone apps, and I told him that a much gentler learning curve would be to learn how to create web pages (and perhaps simple javascript "apps" to run within them).

After Gretchen dropped Robert off at the train station en route to other tasks on that side of the Hudson, I went into town to get liquor and groceries, but also to look for light bulbs. I wanted a few more dimmable CF bulbs and I also wanted to get at least one of the LED party bulbs now being sold at Home Depot. They're only $5 each, and I'm always curious to try a new one out, particularly when they are so cheap.
Unfortunately, back at the house, the Home Depot bulb proved to be a disappointment. It has a number of modes that can be cycled through by pressing a button on the side, but it forgets this setting when it is powered down, meaning one one have to have access to the light to make it do anything but display a dull cyan. And "dull" is the operative word. The bulb glows about as brightly as an equivalent area of an LCD screen showing the same color. That's much dimmer than anything used to provide actual room illumination.

It ended up being a rainy day, particularly by evening. I was feeling sleepy at around 8:30 pm, so I went off to take a nap. I ended up sleeping through the entire night.

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