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Thursday, August 25 2011

We'd be having house guests again this weekend, so today I worked at trying to finish the basement master guest room bathroom door project, or at least get it to a usable condition. I finished installing the trim, saving myself a lot of tile work by undercutting part of the door casing trim so that it could rest on top of some of the tile. In other places, though, I had to remove or relocate tile, particularly in places where my hammering and prying had caused it to loosen and even fall from the wall. I couldn't be bothered to mix up adhesive tile set and instead used industrial construction adhesive to attach tile to the wall. I also had to break out the tile saw and cut a bunch of pieces, including a set of narrow, trapezoidal pieces to fill in the part of the wall that had opened up between the door casing and the tile in the place where the bottom of the door had to move in order for the new door to hang plumb. While I was doing this work, I found a piece of evidence that the skewing and unplumbing of the walls had happened during or shortly after construction (back in the mid-1990s, as opposed to recently). I discovered that the door on the bathroom's shower stall was hanging plumb and at an angle to the tile it had been attached to, indicating the wall had already moved when the shower door was installed. (It's possible, I suppose, that the shower stall was finished shortly before we bought the house in 2002, but certainly it was installed by the former occupants.)
After I had the tiles installed (though not yet grouted), I cleaned everything up and began installing the new louvered fanfold doors in one of the master guestroom closets. But wouldn't you know it, the fuckers added up to an inch too wide for the 47 inch opening. Now I was going to have to rip them down somehow. When it comes to Operation Iraqi Freedom, nothing is anywhere near as easy as I expected it was going to be. That oddball name which Gretchen gave to this round of household improvements is becoming more and more appropriate with every subtask.
Meanwhile clouds had blown in and rain fell, somewhat complicating the task of cutting tiles.

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