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Monday, August 22 2011

In an effort to create a new home in the laboratory for the new Hewlett-Packard inkjet printer/scanner/fax, today I had to perform some technological triage. I have equipment set out in various workstations around the laboratory, though most of these workstations go unused. For example, I have three places were I can do electronics experiments, but I mostly just do it at the one place where I do just everything: in front of my computer, a place that has pull-out sub-desks allowing me to do a wide variety of activities in one place.
Over in the northwest corner of the laboratory is a workstation that not just me, but history itself has abandoned. It's the place where I set up my old four track tape recorder (purchased in 1996 or 1997) and a dual-cassette dubbing deck. But the last time I ever really used that four track was back in 2001; it's been sitting unused for ten years (nine of them in the laboratory). All the functionality of a four track record can easily be handled by a modern computer if I'd just take the time to learn how. But in any case, the four track and dubbing deck (as well as a little container of analog audio adapters) are taking up valuable desk space. Today I moved that analog equipment into the laboratory's deep storage (high on a shelf I cannot reach without a ladder) and I set up the printer in its place.
But then I determined that the phone jack in the wall wasn't functioning correctly, and I ended up having to move a bunch of shit out of the way so I could swing that desk (a flimsy Ikea contraption) out into the room to gain access to the wall's phone jack. Several hours later, I'd soldered and tested new connections and had fax capability from the new printer. I still don't know why wiring something as simple as a telephone circuit always eats up so damn much time.
In contrast to yesterday, the weather had taken took a turn for the unseasonably cool.

Something I posted about something on the today that was not approved to appear on the site:

oh wells, let's hope the prayers at least kept the poor guy out of hell. it's just another case of our internet connection to god being kinda flakey, like when rick perry prayed for rain and got what the mexicans call nada.

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