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   hanging a door in the humidity
Tuesday, August 9 2011

Rain came down in multiple strong showers too bad, and for the most part it was a waste as I didn't have any empty buckets or barrels to collect it in. One advantage of all that rain and humidity (which probably represented something of a humidity peak for the year) was that if I successfully hung a door in this weather, there would never be conditions in the future when it would swell to the point of rubbing on door jambs. After much fussing and further chiseling, I did manage to hang the basement master guestroom bathroom door today, though clearances were close. Once I had the jamb orthogonally arranged, I could stand back and marvel at how non-orthogonal the wall itself was. Slapping a level on a north-south wall, I determined that its top was about an inch further east than its bottom. That's a lot of movement, though fortunately there is no evidence of movement since 2004, when I began building an extensive drainage system on the west (uphill) side of the house.

As regards the other way I've been spending my days, I'm finding myself increasingly adept at using xcode and writing useful functionality in Objective C. The learning curve had been considerably steeper than the gentle ramp of HTML and the only slightly-steeper ones of ASP, PHP, and Arduino C, though the slope is now becoming gentler. I feel like I've got this thing, perhaps for as long as people still care about computers.

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