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Friday, August 12 2011

Gretchen had managed to convince me that it would be a good thing for her to come with me down to Virginia on my next trip to visit my ailing father, and tomorrow we'd be taking that seven to eight hour drive. So today I found myself winding down things that I'd been working on so they'd be ready for a week in the deep freeze. I was on the phone with California telling my iPhone contact what did what in the part of an iPhone app I'd written. And I was also porting over my year and half old (and thus doomed) spec project to a new server. There were also some gardening tasks to accomplish, mainly the installation of taller poles for my various tomato plants, which should be quite fruitful by the time we get back.
Gretchen had tried to make it so I wouldn't stress out about the care of the four cats we'd be leaving behind, but she'd only been able to cobble together a patchwork of house sitters and people who could drop in and check on them. Since we'd be taking the dogs and our oldest cat Marie (aka "the Baby"), I was a little worried about the havoc the local deer population would wreak on our garden.

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