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Wednesday, August 10 2011

The Macintosh integrated development environment (IDE) known as xcode has been my home for the past month or so, and as with any new home, it's taken awhile for me to become familiar with where things are so that I can find them without consciously thinking about them. Application development is a highly-cerebral activity, but that doesn't mean that a lot of it can't be incorporated into reflex memory (similar to guitar fingering). Knowledge about how to use a development environment to navigate around a set of source code to quickly make changes is something best left to the reflexes; you want the full capacity of your brain devoted to the code's functionality, not to the menial job of getting around in it. Today I could feel myself developing, using, and exercising this essential reflex memory, and it greatly increased the pleasure of the work. I can tell I'm enjoying it when am doing it for hours on end, not stopping to check email, fix myself a drink, or even to put on some music.

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