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Monday, October 1 2012
Interleaved with web development tasks, my work on the greenhouse drywall continued today. I'm down to the point where I'm adding small 27 by 48 inch pieces of drywall along the knee-wall beneath the south-facing glass. As a prerequisite for installing that drywall, I found myself having to tidy up the greenhouse upstairs, transferring all the tools and drywall screws to a new home along the west wall. Those things had all found their way to the top of the knee wall, which constitutes a convenient shelf at precisely the level one would want a convenient shelf to be at: 27 inches above the floor. There was enough sun today to stimulate a bit of a greenhouse effect in the greenhouse upstairs (despite the fact that there is still a 10 by 42 inch opening in the glass), and this helped to encourage the drying of some lingeringly-wet drywall compound (I've been spackling as I go).

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