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Tuesday, October 23 2012
Gretch went into the city on a multi-person overnight social call, leaving me back at the house with the dogs and cats. Normally I don't drink alcohol on Tuesdays, but nights spent by myself are ideal for drinking alone, so I pushed my day of abstinence to later in the week.
In the afternoon I drove into town to get some more odds and ends and also to look at flooring options for the greenhouse upstairs. On the latter mission, I came up empty, at least looking at Lowes and Home Depot. I've decided that I want something more substantial than linoleum though I don't know if I want to reduce the height of the space by a whole three quarter inches by installing proper flooring. And though I don't like the feel of laminate flooring beneath my feet, there was a rough-cut hickory that I sort of liked.

At a certain point this evening I started smoking marijuana from my tiny stash. When one wants to get loaded but not have a terrible hangover the next day, mixing marijuana with alcohol produces an almost perfect buzz (but one I often forget as one of my available options). Beyond that combination, teevee and pot go together like spaghetti and tomato sauce. I found myself watching one of those episodes of The Colbert Report where he finds himself addressing the subject of pot and trying to induce paranoia in any in his audience who happen to be stoned. I've seen such acts while not high on marijuana, and they're plenty funny then. But watching it while high, I found myself laughing so much I thought I could give myself a hernia.
Another fun thing about pot that I forget when I haven't had it in awhile is that it gives me a great deal of empathy when interacting with animals. It makes me feel confident that I can read their minds. Clarence (despite his name) is a bit too emotionally opaque even when I'm in such a state, but Eleanor, Sylvia, and Julius (aka "Stripey") really seem to connect with me. As for Ramona, she's so young and full of foolishness that any such mental connection seems like a squandering of a super power.

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