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Friday, October 12 2012
I'm at the point now where I am installing little bits of three by one trim around the salvaged windows of the new greenhouse upstairs. Such bits are necessary to cover up the rough and semi-rotten places where these windows used to attach to one another to form a bay window that was almost installed at one of the seediest hotels in the Catskills. Later I decided to install a five inch wide strip of drywall along the girder directly above the south-facing glass. Originally I'd thought maybe I would just leave the girder exposed, but I've been appreciating the thermal mass effects of the drywall and have decided I should maximize the amount of wall covered by it.
There was a frost warning for tonight, so I covered my prize hot pepper plant with plastic and moved the hanging pot of African Black-Eyed Susan into the greenhouse downstairs. Meanwhile Gretchen was making a seasonably-appropriate potato chowder for dinner.

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