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Thursday, October 4 2012
I think it was those two IPAs drunk one after the other that gave me the hangover I had today. It wasn't a bad hangover and I was able to do some good web development while suffering from it. Meanwhile the news was grim for those of us who like living in a nation mostly controlled by rational actors. The consensus was that Obama had done a terrible job in last night's debate and that Romney would probably be the political beneficiary, though still (at least for now) not to the extent that he would win the presidency. Of course, even the biggest optimist knows that from any given political perspective, good news cannot go on forever.
Catskill Mountain Glass called today to tell me that the 42 by 10 inch piece of insulated glass I'd ordered had arrived (as a custom piece, it had cost somewhat less than 49 dollars to manufacture). So at some point in the afternoon I changed my AOL Instant Messenger Status to something like "running errands" and drove with with Eleanor to get the glass. We stopped along the way both on Dug Hill Road and Beesmer Road so I could pick up a number of rocks that for my the new garlic patch I am building. After getting the glass, I drove into Old Hurley to get some soil across the Wynkoop from the Hurley Mountain Inn. This soil is for a small raised bed adjacent to the steps leading up to the greenhouse upstairs, but I'll eventually need soil for the garlic patch too. For the time being, though, I only have two free buckets for gathering soil (and besides, it doesn't take many gathered rocks to max-out the load bearing capacity of a Subaru Legacy). As I gathered the two buckets of soil, a warm rain tried to drench me, but I worked quickly enough to avoid that fate.
Back at the house, Deborah was over to give Gretchen something of a professional massage for her fucked-up back. For the past couple of weeks Gretchen has had a tablespoon-sized chunk of muscle near her left shoulder that has been the source of much pain and misery. I've massaged it almost every night, sometimes for stretches of a half hour or more, and though this seems to give Gretchen temporary relief, that muscle remains pathologically crunchy no matter what I do.
Later this evening I used caulk and narrow strips of wood to install the new piece of insulated glass in the greenhouse upstairs, meaning that all of its glass is now in place. The main job remaining is to get the door and all the windows to seal up nicely when they are closed.

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