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   pseudoephedrine vs. rock
Friday, October 26 2012
Today was a pseudoephedrine day, partly because I needed to get cracking on another painting for the coming KMOCA show. I'd started it but hadn't really known how to proceed, and I hoped pseudoephedrine would show me the way. In the end, though, what seemed to help even more than this methamphetamine precursor was the music of The Twilight Sad, a melodic Scottish noise-rock/shoegazer outfit. I'm a sucker for vocalists with strong Scottish accents, particularly when they sing about neighbors in claustrophobic urban neighborhoods, first person tales of becoming a prostitute, and bomb sights (actually, it only sounds like he's singing about "bomb sights" in the song "At the Burnside"). As I listened, I found myself repeatedly drawing the silhouettes of tiny trees around the disk of a tiny planet. Of necessity, the painting will have a number of gross spacial distortions in an effort to portray a complex and thriving biosphere on a planet with a surface area of only about twenty acres.

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