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Thursday, October 18 2012
Today when the sun shone down brightly and the newly-glazed "solar air heater" in the greenhouse became hot, the heat expanded the polycarbonate glazing enough for it to bow out noticeably in the middle. This didn't seem to affect it aversely, though I noticed that the silicone seal along the top of the glazing was incomplete near the east end, and perhaps it had been ripped open by the polycarbonate's expansion. In any case, the solar air heater isn't yet generating the temperatures that it is capable of generating; remember, its two ends still remain open to the outside air.
Gretchen used the Honda Civic Hybrid to drive somewhere today, and it reminded her that the idiots at Mavis Discount Tire had managed to do something to make it so the ABS and Brake System lights were now lit up in angry orange on the dashboard. She asked if I could somehow fix the problem without our having to return to Mavis (who knows what they'll break next?) but there was nothing I could do. The OBD II scanner that I have can reset engine error codes, but it has no effect on the ABS system. And I couldn't see any obviously cut wires or disconnected connectors. So I decided to return to Mavis yet again. While I was driving in, Gretchen called them up and must have read them the riot act because when I arrived I encountered uncommonly speedy service. The guy at the desk asked me if I was the one with the brake light problems even before I'd said anything. And the car was immediately taken into the back, jacked up, and God only knows what. In about a half hour (lightning fast for Mavis), I got the word back. Yes, there was something wrong with a sensor on one of the front wheels (there was no explanation why) and yes they'd be willing to replace it for me free of charge. Unfortunately, they had no such sensors in stock but would order one and call as soon as it was in. And then I'd have to return to the existential hellhole of Mavis yet again.
While in the 9W area, I went to Home Depot to get some supplies for the greenhouse upstairs project: five loop-style pulls (for the windows), yet more spray foam (for sealing the ends of the "solar air heater"), Phillips heads for my impact drill, various one-by lumber for a few finishing tasks inside, and also a some half inch copper fittings as well as a ten foot length of half inch pipe (for a yet another swing lamp).

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