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   after a 20 year rust belt malaiase
Friday, October 5 2012
The sun came out today after an extended absence, replenishing our hot water supplies and making it possible for me to take a bath this evening.
At some point in the day I swapped out the smallest monitor in my five-panel digital panopticon (an old 1280 by 1024 LCD that has become somewhat unreliable) with a small (21 inch) 1920 by 1080 LED-backlit LCD. But since it was attached to Woodchuck through a USB-to-VGA adapter of dubious bandwidth, it couldn't go beyond 1600 by 900 pixels. To make it work at the full resolution, I had to drop a third video card into Woodchuck, which means it can now directly drive up to six monitors. You can probably see where this is going, but it didn't get there today.
The annual O Positive Festival (wherein artists supposedly exchange art for medical care) began in Kingston this evening, and Gretchen went with Nancy and others to attend, discovering a number of new Uptown eateries with surprisingly non-provincial vegan options (ie, tempeh was an option). It gave her the impression that perhaps Kingston is finally happening, staggering awkwardly to its feet after a 20 year rust belt malaiase.
Kingston's exciting new vegan options weren't the only things putting a spring in Gretchen's step; today she also received a sixteen thousand dollar check from her publisher as another increment in the fulfillment of her ghostwriting (or, technically, co-writing) contract with Penguin Books.

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