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Sunday, January 20 2013
Today's coffee Sunday ended with the untimely demise of the last of our glass french press pots, which succommbed to a slight clunk in the sink according to Gretchen. She immediately clambered (as the author of 50 Shades of Grey would put it) onto the internet to get us two replacements (we have the hardware for two french presses).

This evening Gretchen and I went to Woodstock for a less-social celebration of her birthday. The plan had been to go to Joshua's, but that place turned out to be closed for a few weeks. That's a common practice for restaurants in the Catskills in the winter, and it seems to affect us fairly often either when trying to celebrate Gretchen's birthday or my own. After considerable deliberation, Gretchen finally decided that we should use the Little Bear for our plan B. There was a big NRBQ concert tonight at the Bearsville Theatre which meant we had to park a bit further than we would have preferred from the restaurant. Gretchen asked if I knew anything about NRBQ and I said no, which was true. As we walked to the Little Bear amongst concert-goers, I actually found myself thinking that I would prefer that people not assume Gretchen and I were there for NRBQ, and I even made a joke to that effect (which was funny only because it was true).
Both Gretchen and I ordered fruity cocktails. Hers was based around pomegranate and mine was a "pink lotus," which contained both gin and some sort of fruity liquor. They looked identical and both tasted like different kinds of battery acid. Gretchen is always surprised when I order something so apparently homosexual, but the truth is that on the occasions when I do find a fruity drink I like, it makes me happy. Sadly, none of that happened tonight. Happily, though, our food was up to normal Little Bear standards, keeping it our favorite Mid-Hudson Chinese restaurant.

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