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Wednesday, January 23 2013
Yesterday was the day of what is statistically the coldest day of the year in Hurley. But while that is a measure of the climate, the weather itself is harder to pin down. Still, the coldest days of any winter generally do cluster around early late January, and this winter has been no exception (though there was also that brief blast of cold in early January). Today was somewhat colder than yesterday, that is, with a low that dipped slightly below zero Fahrenheit and a high of maybe 20. As it had been yesterday, it was difficult to stoke the woodstove with enough wood to keep the house comfortable, a chore that (even on seasonably-cold winter days) is usually fairly easy.
Gretchen spent the day over in Clinton Corners, so this evening I prepared a dinner of spaghetti with red sauce. In making the sauce, I used mostly tomato sauce, sauteed onions, and sauteed slices of vegan sausage. At one point I needed some more tomato sauce, so I reached into the refrigerator and grab what later turned out to be a third of a jar of Trader Joe's habañero lime salsa. Luckily for all concerned, that particular salsa is more lime than habañero (otherwise Gretchen wouldn't have been able to eat the resulting red sauce). It ended up spicy but not too spicy, and if anything the tang from the lime actually helped.

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