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   January 2013

01: decaf unawares - Also, a fault-tolerant Arduino slave across a serial link.
02: barren refrigerator opportunity - A lack of recent shopping makes cleaning the refrigerator easy.
03: 70 degree delta - The greenhouse upstairs shows its talents on an exceptionally cold day.
04: not the best day to be under a car - But also not the worse. Plus, Arduino hell and more Boogie Nights.
05: lack of photogeneity - Crowds of ugly people at ShopRite.
06: my physical limits under the hood - Trying to reach the connector of the upstream oxygen sensor in a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid.
07: too frozen to delaminate - Why one would eat grits instead of corn chips or whole wheat tortillas.
08: street-legal cars for less than that - Not getting an official Honda shop to replace an oxygen sensor. Also, altering keyboard behavior in Javascript.
09: passport mishap - A rude discovery upon trying to check in early to our flight to the Dominican Republic.
10: warmed by the hot sauce - And bedeviled by slow CVS employees (in the mentally-challenged sense of the word).
11: virtual incest and virtual children - Wine-fueled practical romance in Saratoga Springs.
12: gun show in Saratoga Springs - Also, vegan poutine and the Roosevelt Baths.
13: Lake Placid - It's not much of a village on a Saturday night.
14: things to do in Lake Placid - Not much, but there is a good brewpub.
15: $486 at Trader Joe's - On our way back from Lake Placid, we stop in Albany for supplies.
16: four years later fixing the same clock - That crazy German clock comes back for more maintenance.
17: crackhead lamp base - Trying and then abandoning the repurposing of a colander. Also, rooting for the idiot in Shipping Wars.
18: building a four-armed chandelier - Also, the Baby gets some dental work.
19: lordy lou, Gretchen turns forty two - She gets a lamp and a carefully-curated brunch party.
20: not there for NRBQ - Our plan B restaurant for Gretchen's private celebratory birthday meal is the Little Bear.
21: procrastinatory - Sometimes you can't even bring yourself to read an important email.
22: Gangnam into the abyss - Stoking paranoia and crazy on Facebook.
23: habañero lime spaghetti - Another happy accident on another infrequent kitchen adventure.
24: Gretchen's new Badger - Now it boots off a solid state drive.
25: brushes with wilting authority - A cop pulls me over with a mistaken idea and I set off alarms as I leave Home Depot.
26: BPI Graduation, 2013 - Gretchen and I are perhaps the first people ever expelled from a BPI graduation.
27: terrible speaker wire - Just because it's fat doesn't mean it's good.
28: Epibible - It is to the Bible as the Epigenome is to the Genome.
29: higher than I would have preferred - Also, Hackintosh procedures become more like riding a bicycle.
30: January fog - Also: getting rid of a carpet on Freecycle.
31: SequoiaView - Finally, a way to quickly visualize what is taking up room on your hard drive.