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Monday, January 21 2013
Some days are best used for catching up on the Bachelor and otherwise procrastinating the things that I should have been doing. Some days it's just hard to read important emails and one finds ones self procrastinating that. The only real non-procrastinatory thing I did today was the replanting of yet more tomato seedlings.
Meanwhile the weather was predicted to take a turn for the dramatically colder, causing me to wonder about our supplies of firewood (which I'd initially thought to be sufficient for the season). The problem isn't with the amount of wood so much as with its level of dryness. None of the wood that I split up back in November is dry enough yet to burn. I've been forced to place pieces of it on top of the stove to dry out while I burn my way through what remains of the truly dry wood. I'm finding that green(ish) Northern Red Oak is much harder to dry than other types of wood (such as White Pine and dead American Chestnut found on the ground).

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