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   January fog
Wednesday, January 30 2013
Today was freakishly warm, with temperatures gradually rising up through the 50s and cresting somewhere near or just above 60 well after dark. When warm air comes to cold landmasses, fog is the inevitable result, and today the fog was thick. There was also a good amount of rain that fell in the course of several showers.

Foggy: hickory tree where the farm road meets Dug Hill Road. Click to enlarge.

Foggy: our house. Click to enlarge.

Foggy: a telephone pole. Click to enlarge.

Several weeks ago Gretchen replaced a eight by ten foot area rug in the upstairs teevee room with a new one. (I'm not quite sure why; the old one was a little worn in one corner, but I think the real reason was that Gretchen was tired of the design.) She told me to put the old carpet on Freecycle, the local Yahoo group for giving away things. It's how we got rid of an old refrigerator and a trampoline and how I got some of the windows for the greenhouse upstairs.
But the people on Freecycle who tend to get the stuff, particularly old carpets, are not generally the kind who can be relied on to show up at a particular time. I'd had two different people flake out on picking up the carpet, which had spent some time leaning against the basketball goal in the driveway to make the pickup easy. But with the warming temperatures and rain, I'd had to move the carpet back inside. Today, mercifully, a woman showed up at the appointed time and I packed the carpet into her car. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the car was cluttered with other treasures, including a set of tacky Christmas decorations.

This evening Gretchen returned from her mission to help her freshly-bemothered friend Marissa keep house while her husband was a way. As a token of her appreciation, Marissa gave Gretchen a $200 gift certificate at Williams-Sonoma. That sounds like a lot until you check their prices and see that their cheapest ceramic plate is $30.

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