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Wednesday, April 1 2020
After being possibly-exposed to cornavirus ten days ago, Gretchen has been asymptomatic. So today she was able to go to work in a capacity that didn't involve any personal interaction with anyone else.
Meanwhile, I couldn't say I was missing Charles the Cat all that much. In recent weeks he'd spent much of his time on the kitchen island, often demanding food (even as we remained ignorant of the reason he was so hungry). Not having him there as I made a sandwich made the whole process so much more pleasant, and the sandwich itself was more delicious as a result. Charles was a good cat and I was sad to see him go, but I can't say anyone really misses him.
Meanwhile our tenant at Wall Street is holding firm on her decision not to relinquish her rental house at the end of April due to the pandemic, even though she requested to end her lease during that same pandemic (and now we have a tenant with a signed lease lined up to replace her). This sent me to Google to see whether or not our extrication of her from the house would be considered an eviction, the kind forbidden by current pandemic-related moratorium on evictions. It wasn't clear; her lease is month-to-month, and she'd given us written notice of moving out (in an email). Also, she has a place to go. But what if she refuses to leave? Would the police force her out? And under what rule? Trespassing, perhaps. (Trespassing, as it happens, is one of the three crimes I've been arrested for in my life.) In any case, the tenant's transition to a tenantzilla has been the most rapid and unexpected human transformations I've ever witnessed. The coronavirus has an amazing power to change everything.

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