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Sunday, April 5 2020
For the rest of this pandemic (however long it rages) Gretchen will not be working her usual Sunday shift at the bookstore in Woodstock. So we treated the day sort of like another Saturday. We drank tea instead of coffee, but we did what we would normally do on a Saturday: sitting in the living room reading and solving puzzles. Gretchen worked on a crossword, and then we both came up with words for the latest New York Times "Spelling Bee," the one whose panagram was "embezzlement."
The day was pleasant, if overcast, so at some point when I needed to get out of the house, I went to that large cairn I'd been working on and added yet more stones. It's so tall and precarious at this point that I have to pay close attention as I work on it that I don't do something that causes it to collapse on me like a multi-hundred-pound Jenga set.

Another thing I've been working on is building a Windows 10 Professional workstation in the laboratory that I can then install the latest version of various Microsoft tools on (such as Sql Server Management Studio and Visual Studio). I'd had such tools on Woodchuck, my Windows 7 workstation, but I suspect this resulted in some hidden phoning-home of Microsoft that then led to my Windows installation being deemed "not genuine," something I hadn't been able to fix, ultimately causing me to revert back to a year-old copy of the affected operating system. Since then, I've been keeping all non-OS Microsoft tools off that machine. If I need to use such tools from there, I will do it using Remote Desktop. The original plan had actually been to use Remote Desktop to access my work-issued laptop (since I have it set up in a corner of the laboratory where I'm less comfortable working), but since it is running Windows 10 Home, it cannot be accessed with Remote Desktop. This is what is making me build out a Windows 10 Professional machine from scratch. And if I can build a good enough workstation with that operating system, I might even end up swapping a copy of it into my work-issued laptop to break free of the lame limitations of Windows 10 Home.

When I took a bath tonight, I did a rare thing: I swapped out the head of my Gillette Fusion razor. I'd been using that same head since November 20th, 2014, that is for nearly five and a half years. At the current rate I am using my two six packs of razor heads, they will last past 2070.

The old razor head after five and half years of use (top) and a fresh new one.

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