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   a layer of hell Spectrum seems to specialize in
Thursday, April 9 2020
Today Gretchen called Spectrum today to inquire about their cloud-based DVR service, which I'd read about. I'd seen something about it costing $6/month. But no, it turned out that it costs $13/month. That was enough to cause Gretchen to laugh in disbelief. We'd found everything about Spectrum cable television to be horrible and disappointing, and there was no way we'd be shoveling $13/month in their direction to somehow make it bearable. Gretchen then tried to cancel our cable television service (while leaving the cable internet, which is genuinely useful), but she ended up in an unending hold, a layer of hell Spectrum seems to specialize in. Meanwhile I'd done some research and found that Hulu with streaming television and cloud-based DVR would provide what we wanted for less money and, perhaps more importantly, less Spectrum.

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