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   entertained by Chernobyl
Sunday, April 19 2020
I don't know what it means, but this morning I had a vivid dream that placed me in a bedroom on a beach with sliding glass doors that faced the ocean. For some reason I was sharing the room with my brother (with whom I shared a room in our childhood home back in the 1970s and 1980s). As I lay there in bed, a penguin waddled up and started attacking its reflection in the sliding glass doors. At that point, Diane the Cat (who happened to be with us) responded by attacking the penguin through the glass. It was such a striking event that I remember thinking that I would have to write the story in my online journal, a thought that occurred to me before I realized it was all a dream.

Somewhere online I'd read an article comparing something about the Trump administration's coronavirus response to the Soviet response to the Chernobyl disaster (as documented in the HBO miniseries Chernobyl). My boss Alex had talked a lot about that series months ago, and I'd been wanting to see it. So I downloaded it and proceeded to watch it while doing some long-procrastinated work that I should've been doing over the work week. Chernobyl is amazing! Being familiar with the disaster, it's not that I learned all that much (though I did learn some things, such as how close to continent-destroying calamity the disaster approached on at least two occasions). It was more the pathos of the story and the fully-realizing atmospheric horror of it all. And watching young men gradually turn into goo after suffering a lethal dose of radiation is not something I will soon be able to unsee. I managed to watch four and half episodes of what was only a six-episode series. I didn't quite get to the part where a young man must shoot the abandoned pets of Pripyat, but I could tell that was next.

Meanwhile, we had what passed for a nice spring day, with sunny conditions and temperatures in the 60s. I even did some firewood salvaging to replenish the indoor woodpile after seeing how cold and cloudy it would be later in the week. I managed to bring home a pack of skeletonized oak as well as a fair amount of reasonably-dry white pine, all of it from not far west of the Farm Road.

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