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Wednesday, April 29 2020
This morning as I tried to begin my day, I kept experiencing bouts of painful diarrhea. I'd go to the brownhouse and poop out something searingly hot (an indication that yesterday's second falafel sandwich was making an early exit) and then go back to the laboratory, sit in front of my computer, only to be confronted by a second deeply-uncomfortable lower-abdominal cramp. After several of these cycles, I finally lay down under the pines near the brownhouse and managed to poop that way (the first time I can ever remember pooping while lying on my back). That finally dislodged whatever was troubling me, and I was fine for the rest of the day, though I ate an old, weird-tasting bismuth-containing tablet to mop up any lingering issues.
The day started out nice but eventually turned overcast and then there was even some rain. Gretchen worked one of her reduced-hours pandemic shifts at the Golden Notebook in Woodstock, and this marked the first time she went there and back in the Nissan Leaf. That commute only removed sixteen miles from the Leaf's battery, even though the roundtrip is about 20 miles.

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