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Tuesday, April 14 2020
Gretchen pointed out yesterday that she hasn't had any alone time in the better part of a month. This was all an effort to convince me to maybe go to the office in Red Hook today so she'd have the house to herself. Due to the continuing "lock down," the Red Hook office would be empty. But I would still have to brave things like common doorknobs and bathrooms. Throwing a wet blanket on those plans, I said that I'd thought the weather would be really nice today, which would mean Gretchen would probably want to be going on a social-distance dog walk with individuals like Nancy and Jack the Dog. But today ended up being colder than expected. Also, my view is that during the ongoing pandemic, Gretchen's need for alone time should take a backseat to our not taking needless risks with infection, and depending on shared bathrooms at the complex where my office is located is not something I think I should be doing. Besides, I've become comfortable with doing workplace work on Woodchuck, my main desktop home computer, and going back to using Bunny (my work-issued laptop) isn't something I look forward to.
I had a fairly unproductive day until I started drinking kratom tea, which (for whatever reason) managed to finally pull me out of my coronavirus-news-devouring rut. It did so late in the day, and I ended up doing a fairly useful run of work beginning at about 5:00pm and continuing past 11:00pm.

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