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   Ramona not ready for the dump
Friday, March 9 2012
Today Eileen, the vet who does affordable housecalls, paid a visit to check up on various critters. Eleanor the dog has been coughing lately, but her heart murmur isn't any worse. Though a month shy of seventeen, Sally the dog is likely to live four more months (and so was reupped in her Previcox prescription). It turned out that Nigel the cat had a yeast infection in his right ear. And Sylvia the cat has a runny eye because of feline herpes. Eileen prescribed medications for both of these. As for Marie (aka "the Baby"), Eileen thought that her recent habit of going all over the upstairs to dribble out a few drops of piss here and there might be due to kidney failure. If so, she probably wouldn't make it another four months. As for our new dog Ramona, she passed her first checkup with a clean bill of health. We're not sure how old she is, but ten months is a good guess. She definitely has the whitest teeth in our household.
Ramona has been slow to learn the pet door (which is a little odd considering that all of our dogs and cats have always mastered without our intervention). Today, though, Ramona passed another milestone, being able to go through the door from either direction without us having to touch either her or the door. She still needed encouragement, and so couldn't be relied on not to shit on the carpet if left on her own (we've had three occurrences of that since she came to live with us).
In the past couple months, a corner of our garage had taken on the appearance of a class five hoard, so Gretchen had begun lobbying me to make a run to the transfer station (or, as we call it, "dump"). Today I filled the passenger seat and wayback of the Subaru with all our trash and recycling (somehow forgetting about several old dried-out gallons of paint that was in a separate pile). I managed to leave the entire backseat empty so I could take all three of our dogs with me. But at the last minute I decided to only take Sally and Eleanor. I'd like Ramona to have a bit more experience and training before letting her run around in the transfer station chaos of blowing bags, broken glass, and backing vehicles (though I would have taken her as a reward had she managed to follow me out through the pet door). Dogs are common at the dump, but most people keep theirs in their vehicles. I always let mine out, and the guys who run the place always spoil them with treats.

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