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Wednesday, March 21 2012 [REDACTED]

The next step in my Makerbot build was to install the latest firmwares on two of the controller boards (both of which are based on various flavors of Arduino). Everything went well for the "motherboard" (based on the massive Arduino Mega), but the smaller Extruder Controller refused to accept a new firmware. I did some research and it seemed the problem was that Makerbot Industries had somehow neglected to install a bootloader onto it. I have a crude homemade parallel-port ICSP for installing bootloaders on Arduinos, but for some reason I couldn't get it to work. So I found myself corresponding back and forth with Makerbot technical support. I don't know much about Makerbot Industries, but they're based in Brooklyn and how many Makerbots can there really be in the world? Let's just say that corresponding with Makerbot Industries' technical support is a very different experience from corresponding with Verizon technical support.

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