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Friday, March 16 2012
Today at the widow maker blowdown clusterfuck, despite intermittent rain, I did what I could to bring the other trunk down to a level where it could be safely sawed. It was still about ten feet above the ground, hung up in the battered remains of a small hemlock, another unpredictable dead fall trap. I cut nearly all the way through at the trunk's base, though it refused to fall. So eventually I threw some nylon rope over the top of the hemlock, whose based was partly sawed-through and cracked in numerous places. It didn't take much of a pull to release the whole thing, sending it to the ground with a complex crunch. Now I could safely buck it all into stove-sized lengths. That would be a job in itself, and I'd only end up doing about half of it today.
At some point I went into the woods with Eleanor and Ramona to see what the view was like from 41.926197N, 74.102912W (a point along the "Gulleys Trail" that actually lies on land that we own). I was hoping I could see the steeple of the Reformed Lutheran church in Old Hurley from there, which would mean I could also see Ray and Nancy's house, but at that point the view is still blocked by a ridge (41.926644N, 74.083042W) rising to 400 feet above sea level. If I want to use an intermediary repeater on property we own allowing a wireless connection to Old Hurley, it's looking like it might need to be further out, perhaps at 41.923993N, 74.099436W.

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