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Tuesday, August 7 2012
Because Gretchen was still off in the City, this morning I had to take Ramona and Eleanor for their morning walk. We went on a loop involving the Farm Road, the Chamomile Headwaters Trail, and the Stick Trail. On the way home along the latter, I encountered a fair number of bolete mushrooms, which I gathered as I went. By the time I got back home, I'd amassed enough to play a role in a pot of chili I would eventually make for myself.
When I eventually made that chili, the initial intention was that it would serve as the beany goodness within a burrito. But then it turned out that there was no flatbread in the house. So I found myself eating it with corn chips instead. Unfortunately, the corn chips were salty and that excess of salt sort of tainted the whole experience. But at least I still had a bunch of episodes of Shipping Wars on the DVR.

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