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Tuesday, August 21 2012 I took a bus into the city this morning for yet another meeting in Manhattan about this ongoing project whose deadline looks increasingly like it will be blown. The idea today was to reprioritize the tasks yet again in hopes that somehow I will be able to better focus on them. The problem is that, as the backend developer, I have become the bottleneck, and there's no way for me to keep up even if I work every waking hour. Part of the problem is that the front-end developers managed to push nearly all the logic and decisionmaking back into the layer I'm responsible for, and it's overwhelming in a way that no technology job ever as been in the past (with the possible exception of Ecoperks, an ill-fated job from 2008).
When the day was over, I was so overwhelmed by the size of the task ahead of me that I didn't take any further advantage of the city. I walked directly back to the subway station (4th Street on the A/C/E blue line) and, when I got to the annoying talking escalator at Port Authority, took the first Adirondack Trailways bus back to Kingston.

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