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Saturday, August 25 2012
I had more of a hangover today than I'd anticipated. I'm going to have to blame those two East Village IPAs, coupled with a small amount of cheap Scotch I'd smuggled onto the bus, and a Sam Adams Noble Pils once I made it home (that last one isn't so great, but it's better than Boston Lager).
I spent hours today going over algorithms in detail, throwing out cruft and making functions work in the simplest way possible, eliminating the hacks I'd appended to the ends of functions designed to compensate for their algorithmic failings. Then I turned my attention to a potentially-fun project (in a solving-puzzles kind of way) of writing a recursive algorithm that could crunch through a complicated JSON object, saving the various changed nodes in their correct tables. It was a very hard job, but I managed to produce something that seemed to work.

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