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Thursday, August 23 2012
While I was putting in another hellish day doing web development in front of my computer, Gretchen took Ramona the dog out to a veterinarian between Newburgh and Danbury to get a second opinion on her knee surgery. The word was pretty much the same as it had been from another veterinarian in the Adirondacks: the problem was a luxating patella and the cure was $2700 of knee surgery. Gretchen liked this vet somewhat better than the Adirondack one, and there was also within striking distance of the Danbury Trader Joes, an advantage that would have been decisive were it not for the new Trader Joes in Albany.
Gretchen hurried home after shopping at Trader Joes so she could help her friend [REDACTED] Susan the Memoirist participate in some sort of writers' teleconference in the Midwest. Susan doesn't have Skype installed on her computer and wouldn't know how or where to get it, so she'd decided to just come over and use Gretchen's computer. Unfortunately, she'd done the math wrong in converting Central Time to Eastern Time and ended up spending most of the early evening at our house with nothing to do. At some point the teleconference began, but the audio was so terrible that it made the entire downstairs sound like my tinnitus (which tends to be low-frequency and come and go in waves). It was good to get out of there and go into Kingston to meet up with Jenny, Doug, and Deborah for Indian food.
We actually met those people at the Stockade Tavern, where I had a very unpleasant Bengali Tiger IPA (it was all bitter and had no other flavors). The Stockade Tavern would be a really fun bar if its acoustics weren't so terrible. No matter how many people are in there, it always sounds like people are shouting continuously into both of your ears.
Somehow I managed to avoid completely stuffing myself at the Kingston Indian Restaurant, though not Jenny. Most of the dinner conversation was about the book she and Gretchen recently wrote. It turns out that Jenny has been getting a lot of positive feedback on it while Gretchen has been mostly in the dark about how the book is doing.
Deborah is going to be moving again soon (last time she moved it was because her house was flooded; this time it's because her house contains too much black mold). Every time Deborah moves, she either gives away or sells a lot of her possessions. This time she wanted to get rid of her two kayaks, and we'd just had such fun with kayaks that we'll be buying them for $600.

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