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   August 2012

01: it will be expensive after all - Bad news from Schenectady on Ramona's knee.
02: book released - After a three-year gestation, the book Gretchen co-wrote with Jenny is finally released.
03: edge of the Kingston wetland - Killing time with a bicycle while waiting for new tires to be installed.
04: two kinds of crenelated plywood - Back to working on my greenhouse upstairs.
05: the smell of people in the heat - Somewhat uncomfortable at the Festival of the Voice in Phoenicia.
06: too many dimensions of documentation - Why Excel isn't the best choice for providing instructions to be followed. Also: Shipping Wars.
07: early August boletes - But unfortunately no flat bread.
08: imagining 1.5 bodily function minus 3 canines - Another dinner party.
09: six to twelve months of shit - How human excrement cooks down through the process of decomposition.
10: first brownhouse cleaning - After two and a half years, it's time.
11: to Fulton County - Off to spend a week at a house on a lake in the Adirondacks.
12: swimming snapping turtle - Also, how lake is a universe.
13: yappy terriers on the lake - Now we can't just turn our dogs loose like we want to.
14: new miseries - Technology can yank you right out of the most beautiful experiences in nature.
15: Pileated Woodpecker and red viburnum - Bird life near the southwest corner of Lake Edward.
16: public drinking in Bleecker - Too bad the barkeep is a small-minded big mouth.
17: blue-light-special secret society - At the end of another trail across the lake.
18: Bleecker intelligence - Gretchen finds the perfect source of information for all things Bleecker.
19: clunkless shakedown - Perhaps the car doesn't have defective shock absorbers.
20: dinner party subject: baseball - Also: the debased value of a Stephen King endorsement.
21: staight back to the bus - Overwhelmed by work, I do not take advantage of New York City.
22: between 12 and 14 - Hours of work on a hellish project.
23: bad sounds in both ears - Between a bad Skype teleconference and the Stockade Tavern, my ears suffered nearly as much as my ass did doing web development all day in front of my computer.
24: murky dive bar light - Another depressing meeting tempered with East Village refreshments.
25: compensate for algorithmic failings - Another productive day, with hangover.
26: Woodstock book release party - Celebrating the release of a memoir Gretchen ghost wrote.
27: Sailfish for road work - Something better than a netbook for when I have to work on the road.
28: on line at the Best Buy - Best Buy saves the day near the corner of Houston and Broadway in Manhattan.
29: preserving hard-won JSON - Also: not watching the Republican convention.
30: hyperactive dragon - Why booze is an important component of pseudoephedrine abuse.
31: Catform and Ramona's office - Ramona returns from her knee surgery and I get in a little work on the greenhouse upstairs.