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Thursday, August 9 2012
The 30 gallon shit can I'd removed from the brownhouse back in early February still had all of its contents until today, when I dumped them into the drum composter containing most of the shit can contents from late summer, 2011. Admittedly, both shit cans had "cooked down" significantly since being removed from the brownhouse on their respective dates, having lost a lot of water and (via offgassing of methane, ammonia, and carbon dioxide) carbon and nitrogen. Indeed, it's difficult to immediately fit six months' worth of shit into the drum composter, though once it's had some months to decompose, a whole year will fit in the composter without too much difficulty.
A thunderstorm had been brewing while I did these things, which had also involved washing out the old shit can and dumping the smelly shit water into the asparagus patch. One of the good things about the nice soaking rain that followed was that it washed that shit smell deep into the soil, where it can eventually get converted into asparagus.
At another point in the day, I used Wonderboard to put a floor on the framework for the greenhouse's upstairs cantilevered window box. Later I built the frame for that window box's west wall. The work necessary to build this box is going to be a lot more than the web development that could have payed for a properly-sized pane of insulated glass for the hole in the south wall that the cantilevered window box is filling. But at this point the window box is just too great of an idea not to carry through on.
Of course, mostly what I did today was earn money by sitting in front of my computer and doing web development. This evening I cranked through a long list of to-dos, each of which were fairly; I'd made things hard on myself in the early part of the project so that things would be easier in this part: I'd built a system that could easily be orchestrated to do a wide variety of necessary functions with relatively small tweaks.

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