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   first tree frogs of 2014
Thursday, May 8 2014
Early this afternoon, I made a short excursion down the Gullies Trail to salvage what amounted to about 90 pounds of firewood, mostly from the dead siamese twin of a living Chestnut Oak (Chestnut Oak and White Pine being the main species of tree in the forest, which, with the exception of coves, qualifies as a xeric highland).
Temperatures haven't risen into the 70s for days now, and the Spring is definitely retarded from where it would normally be. I don't usually notice their arrival, but today I heard the first singing of tree frogs for the year.
Today I was taking measurements for the structure inside the laboratory supporting the solar deck overhead. This consists of two White Oak posts that are a certain distance apart. Strangely, though, when I placed them inside an idealized diagram beneath the sloping ceiling (45 degrees on either side of a central ridge), their heights suggested that they should be 108 inches apart, though their actual distance apart was 103 inches. I checked the angles of the ceiling halves, the plumbness of the posts, and the levelness of the floor, but I couldn't find any way to absorb those five inches. Eventually I just gave up, hoping that the solution to this problem will eventually come to me somehow.

This evening I heard thunder from the first thunderstorms of the warm season. This was followed by showers that persisted throughout the night. (Gretchen has trouble sleeping in such conditions and so was perhaps more sensitive to my snoring. She poked me several times during the night in an attempt to do a ctrl-alt-delete on my position.)

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