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Monday, May 12 2014
I finally finished drawing the diagrams for the solar deck, laboratory deck, and all the house structure beneath it. There ended up being six diagrams in all: an east elevation, a west elevation, a north elevation, two south elevations (at different cross-sections) and a framing diagram as seen from above. After I sent those off, it marked the completion of one of my three concurrent jobs. The two other jobs are winding down too, finally opening up some space in my life to maybe play around with electronics again or even launch a new carpentry project. First, though, I found myself wading into a bunch of Cascading Style Sheet Directives I didn't even know about that begin with the "@" symbol. The thing about working in computer languages is that I get to a point where I feel like I'm all caught up on what I need to know in my field, only to stumble into a construct that has existed for five years that I've somehow yet to encounter.
I didn't notice until sometime this afternoon, but somehow temperatures had creeped up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the highest they've been this year so far. It never seemed that hot to me, perhaps because the air was strangely dry. With the winds blowing lengthwise from one end of the laboratory to the other, it felt perfectly comfortable.
When Gretchen came home this afternoon from the bookstore, she reported that she was feeling ill. The other day we'd awaken to find we both had a touch of sore throat on one side, and while I'd quickly recovered, she'd gradually worsened and was now feeling a general malaise and weakness. But it's a lot better to feel that way in warm weather than in cold, so she stretched out on the blanket in the yard and cuddled with Ramona (whom I'd just washed; she and Eleanor had rolled in something disgusting on the walk this morning).

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