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Thursday, May 15 2014
Early this afternoon there was a lull in the occasional rains that had been passing through, so Ramona and I set out down the Gullies Trail and (somewhere between the Gullies Trail and the Stick Trail) I used the battery-powered chainsaw to cut four pieces out of mid-sized fallen oak tree trunk, one measuring maybe eight inches in diameter. It takes awhile to make a cut through a piece of oak that thick, particularly when it is completely sound (as this was). By the end there, the saw was smelling funny, its motor was hot, and it occasionally refused to run (suggesting that some sort of thermal sensor was keeping it from destroying itself). As chainsaws go, the 10 inch Greenworks Lithium-powered saw is weak, but it usually does the job, and the disadvantage of that weakness is more than made up for with the portability. I hadn't thought there was a risk of overheating the motor, but evidently there is and I need to be careful when making prolonged cuts through hard wood.
I spent the afternoon building out a whole unanticipated section of this Angular-based site I've been working on for the past couple months. At this point I'm so experienced with Angular that it was surprisingly easy even though the work included backend, front end, a list view, create, edit, and search.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays Gretchen works at the Ulster Literacy Center near the Uptown Hannaford, and when she came home this evening she had several different kinds of cornchips. She announced that she would be making a corn chip casserole from directions given on one of the bags of chips. The recipe called for both hamburger and cheese, but we happened to have subsitutes on hand for both. The result was a little bland, but it was nothing a little salsa and habañero sauce couldn't fix.
While Gretchen was preparing that meal, we were interrupted by a phone call from Jenny (of Doug and Jenny), who happened to be in Kingston (they live in Willow). A quick impromptu drinking date was scheduled for the Stockade Tavern, and we met there at 7:00pm. The main issue discussed was something I cannot reveal, though we also discussed Kingston's vegan-friendly restaurant options, of which Jenny and Doug were mostly unfamiliar. They'd never heard of La Florentina, for example.

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