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Tuesday, January 7 2020
Again I awoke early (about 4:00am) and eventually got up and puttered around the laboratory until it was about time to drive to work. My health continues to improve, enough for me to switch from black tea to kratom tea at 1:00pm this afternoon. Both yesterday and today I'd had black bean salad for lunch, which is tangy, not especially oily, and otherwise different enough from Indian food not to trigger the fatigue I've developed to that cuisine. Later this afternoon I began experiencing cramps high in my abdomen, and these continued until I finally used the toilet at around 9:00pm. It felt like dozens of small pockets of gas were trapped in there. In the past I've thought it would be useful to have a series of air-release taps all down the length of my intestine, but this evening it felt like the only practical relief would come from getting shot in the gut by a shotgun. I remember once having similar cramps after eating poorly-cooked catfish.
Despite all this, I had what felt like a healthy appetite, especially given that Gretchen had made a savory dish of rice noodles with a reddish east-Asian peanut sauce containing ginger, carrots, tofu, and who knows what. I got myself a big bowl of that, but when I was less than half way into it I hit some sort of wall and had to stop. I suspect my stomach had shrunk from disuse since returning from India, and it will take a series of ever-larger meals for it to stretch to the capacity I remember it having. Unfortunately, the belly that my stomach lives within has not shrunk noticeably.

For the last two days, when I've come home at the end of the day, this has been what the living room has looked like at about 4:40pm.

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