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Tuesday, January 14 2020
I'm the sort of person who pays attention to milestones, particularly those in time that are either very personal or, when they aren't, are mostly unknown. This is why I make frequent mention of such things as "peak cold," the statistical coldest day of the calendar year (which, in Hurley, NY, is January 22). But I also have other milestones that are relevant, such as the annual birthday of this online journal (July 31st). Sometimes I manufacture new milestone by measuring one period of my life using the yardstick from an earlier period. Doing this generally results in milestones that are not recurring. Today, for example, is such a milestone. It is the day into my present job that I was fired from my job. By this, I mean that I was fired on my 498th day of working at CollegeClub, and today happens to be my 498th day of working at my present employer (and, look, I haven't been fired!). I generally keep my goals non-ambitious, so I'm not yet paying attention to October 30th, 2020. That's will be the day I will have been working 788 days at my present job, assuming I still have it. That's the number of days I worked at Mercy For Animals. On a somewhat related note, today also happens to be my estranged mother's 83rd birthday. She gives a whole new meaning to the term "Silent Generation."
This evening I felt like drinking, so that meant I had to make some art. I ended up painting a semi-pointilist picture of a cow I'd photographed in India. I wasn't particularly happy with the result, but I can't expect everything I do to be a masterpiece.
When I went to scan it on the old HP multifunction-scanner, it complained about some error regarding either the ink of the paper mechanism, neither of which play a roll in scanning. You know how infuriating I find such behavior in a device, and it caused me to open and close it with rough gestures and gratuitous slams. At one point I even punched the LCD display. I was kind of hoping to irreperably break it so I would never have to deal with such annoyances again. I never did get it to scan the painting, so it might be time to strip the cursed thing for stepper motors. I can just as easily snap a picture of my painting with my phone.

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