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   olanzapine as a sedative
Wednesday, January 29 2020
The Claws marathon ended yesterday evening, so Gretchen took Andrea to the bus station this morning. Meanwhile, I'd taken Ramona with me to work for what would be a fairly typical Wednesday. Ramona had pretty bad diarrhea, though she was able to hold it between our three walks. Later, she would be unusually farty.

After Ramona and I got home this evening, I immediately got my saw and firewood pack and walked to the staging area west of the Farm Road, where I made a very heavy load from the tree I'd partially processed on Monday. Given how dry the wood was, this might've represented the most BTUs I've ever carried in a backpack. Some of the wood needed to be split, and splitting some of the pieces was more difficult than usual due to branching. But even chestnut oak's hardest-to-split pieces are easier to split than, say, elm or even hickory.
On most nights I try to augment my sleepiness with various chemicals. Knowing how sleepy olanzapine had made Gretchen when she took it instead of citalopram, I'd hoarded all the tablets she'd gotten from a Gurugram pharmacy when we were in India. 20mg of olanzapine had been enough to send Gretchen to the hospital, and I definitely didn't want that sort of experience. Since she weighs about 70% of what I weigh, and because 5mg of olanzapine had had no effect on me, tonight I tried 10mg of olanzapine. I then stayed up long enough for the drug to take effect. It made me sleepy, but not as sleepy as 100mg of diphenhydramine.

Ramona near my desk in the office, looking northwest.

Ramona in the parking lot in front of the complex. Click to enlarge.

Ramona with the solar farm today. Click for a wider view.

Ramona eating snow near the daycare center in the middle of the complex. Click for a wider view.

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