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Monday, January 20 2020
After a work week, two days of driving around (including driving in a snowstorm), and helping to host a noodle party, it was nice to have a day with no real responsibilities. I had a mild hangover from the red wine and booze I'd had last night, so initially I just wanted to lie on the couch in the living room watching YouTube videos about the Nicholas Godejohn case.
Throughout the day, both Gretchen and I ate various leftover pasta dishes. I hadn't had any of the lasagna Gretchen had made, so it was good that I was able to eat a piece of it today before Gretchen ate it all.
Late this afternoon I put together a minimal Raspberry-Pi-Zero-W-based surveillance robot specifically for monitoring the woodstove. It included an LM75A-based I2C temperature and a MAX30105 I2C particle detector as well as a camera. Using a copy of the Disturbatron's boot volume as a starting point for the software, it was relatively easy to put this together. With regard to hardware, I didn't even bother with a substructure to mount the four component boards on, and instead just kept everything tidy with twisty-ties. This resulted in an assemblage that I could easily hide within a void in the collar tie directly above the woodstove, with just the camera peering out over the edge. By the time I went to bed, I was able to both monitor the camera and the particle sensor remotely across the household network. I will be able to monitor this probe from anywhere on Earth using the services of

Charles the Cat and his new favorite place to sleep on the piano. Sometimes he plays a little tune on his way there.

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