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   deer excuse for running
Thursday, January 30 2020
After I got home this evening, I went to the staging area across the Farm Road to assemble another extremely heavy backpack load of dry, skeletonized oak. The dogs came with me and immediately went in hopeless pursuit of a herd of deer. They knew they wouldn't catch them, but I suspected they just wanted to go on a longer walk than I was likely to take them on.
Later they got to go with Gretchen to Alana and Jeff's new house off Sawkill in Kingston Township (not to be confused with the City of Kingston). Jeff is in the middle of a multi-month absence as he helps shoot a reality teevee show, so only Alana was there. Gretchen didn't get home until something like 1:00am.
Meanwhile, I managed to get myself pulled into a computer hardware vortex. I wanted to go back to the LoRa experiments I'd been doing in the Fall, but the GPS-equipped LoRa board I was testing didn't work at all. I tried reflashing it with the Arduino IDE, but it was hopelessly confused by the reversion I'd done to a year-old copy of Woodchuck's boot drive and had lost the ESP32 drivers. And I couldn't install new drivers until I installed an updated version of the IDE. [REDACTED]

Neville (left) and Ramona this evening at the house belonging to Alana and Jeff. Photo taken by Gretchen.

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