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   not so good with east coast avocados
Tuesday, January 28 2020
I had a road beer on the drive home at the end of the work day. It was a Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet Double IPA, which is, as it happens, not very good. (It tasted watery to me.) Immediately after getting home, I grabbed my big battery-powered chainsaw and went to the one of the staging places across the Farm Road where I'd put the big pieces of the tree I'd salvaged yesterday. It didn't take long to assemble a backpack load, though when I went to split it into stove-ready pieces, I found the bigger pieces were full of dormant carpenter ants, which came spilling out like inanimate objects. So most of the pack load had to go directly "into" the woodshed. (I use quotes because the woodshed is full and the wood ended up being stacked in front.)
Gretchen and Andrea were out somewhere, so I figured they'd be going out for dinner. So I made a delicious sandwich using some Italian white bread that I'd bought today. Andrea had bought three avocados the other day, one of which was for me. It ended up being in a perfect state for sandwich making, something that almost never happens with the avocados I buy (at least on the east coast).
It turned out that Gretchen and Andrea had been watching a movie somewhere. When they came home, Gretchen made a sort of Thai noodle dish, which I ate despite having had that sandwich.
At around 7:00pm I took 100 milligrams of diphenhydramine, which truncated my evening at around 9:00pm.

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